Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Spring!

Really? It has been since BEFORE CHRISTMAS since I posted? Where has the time gone? I've missed all my friends :) We are great and busy and great. School is down to 7 weeks- YEAH BABY!!!-sorry- and we will be starting our end of year testing soon. Lainey will be three on June 1st- again, where does the time go? Seriously?! She is getting more and more adoreable everyday. She is loving the spring weather and wants to go out and play with the older kids that live on our block... unfortunately (its heartbreaking) they aren't too interested in playing with a 3 year old. Josh and I have gotten in touch with our inner 3 year old and let the dishes and housework slide for a few hours. She is a sweetheart and seriously the love of my life (you too Joshy-love)- Josh is SO so glad the ski season is over and is looking forward to our family vacation sometime this summer. Not sure where we are heading yet, but he's excited for the time off! We hope all is going well for our friends! Love you all!


Esther said...

i'm glad you are back! good luck with the rest of school!

Samantha said...

Yeah... you suck. Keep me updated a little better would ya!? I'm excited that you get some time off soon though!

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