Sunday, May 9, 2010

And one more makes... 4!

Yes... We are expecting!!! Granted, it is a few months earlier than expected, but nontheless, we are very excited for our little "Christmas present." What I am really looking forward to is the 14 week mark so I can feel like a person again instead of a nausious, tired, moody mess :) Josh has been great and is awesome at picking up the slack in the kitchen mostly. Apparently there is some mysterious smell coming from our fridge that only I can smell... even after it has been cleaned out for the millionth time! I've given up. I'll leave time spent in the kitchen to Josh... Josh would say that he spends more time doing laundry than cooking, but whatever :) Lainey has been so cute about the new arrival. She says things like, "Where's your baby? Is it growing?" "Oh, don't fall down the stairs and hurt the baby" "Mom come play with me. Your baby will love it! It will say, 'I love you mommy!'" She is the cutest! Sometimes I wonder how I will ever love another person as much as I love Lainey, but I also wondered that about her before she was born. The amazing thing is that love grows-