Friday, December 19, 2008

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, to Disneyland We Go! (Well, went...)

For the Porter Family Vacation this year, we went to the 'place of a million dreams' (Which is a little bit exaggerated if you ask me. I only realized 3 dreams: go to Disneyland with my little family, meet the princesses, and look Johnny Depp in the eyes- well a figure of him as Jack Sparrow anyway... and one nightmare: my wedding ring was stolen out of our hotel room by the maid...) We were there for 5 days and loved every minute of it!

Lainey was way excited for her first plane ride:

Here she's reading up on the emergency directions:We met some fun characters (these are just a few):

She loved the princesses, I think we met every one. She would take her autograph book right up to them and practically sit on their lap. It was so cute! We ate breakfast in Goofy's Kitchen- That killed all resolve I had to stick to my weightwatchers plan on our trip...
Lainey loved all the rides that she went on. The teacups and carousels were her favorite I think:

Josh's dream store (second to the Jeep Dealership:)

She got 5 whole days with mom and dad,And we played every minute of it!

But I think she had a good time......don't you?