Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So here's what we found out at Primary Children's today... She has buckle fractures in both the tibia and the fibula and will have to wear this hard cast for 4 weeks... she'll have to wear it until June 11... after her birthday :( I was wanting to have a little pool party, but oh well. We might have to have a belated party after she gets it off. She held perfectly still while they put her cast on and when we got home she couldn't wait to get down and play! What a trooper! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Broken Leg

We went to Tropic for Mother's Day last Thursday. Friday morning, Lainey missed the step that goes from the kitchen into the living room in my mom's house and landed hard on her right leg. She cried a little, but not for very long, so we thought she was okay. A little while later, however, she wouldn't put any weight on it, so we decided to take her to the hospital in Panguitch. The doctor checked her out, twisting and tugging on her leg and she didn't cry or anything, so he thought it was just a pulled muscle but wanted to have some x-rays done just in case. (Lainey did cry during the x-rays, but that is a big scary room and a big scary machine!) They did reveal that she had in fact broke her leg, or well kinked it anyway. It is her fibula (the small bone in the lower leg). The doctor explained it like if you were to bend old celery, it wouldn't snap, just bend or kink. She gets to wear this fun little fiberglass splint for 3 to 4 weeks (according to the Dr. in Panguitch... we're going to Primary Children's Fracture Clinic tomorrow for a follow up) The doctor said that in his 18 years of practice, this is the youngest person he has seen with a broken leg. Lainey is now able to walk with her splint, and she is doing really well (except for an ear infection) and isn't put out at all. I just wish that we didn't feel so awful about it! It was really hard to choke back the tears when the doctor was showing us the x-rays. I just kept thinking that our little girl is hurt and broken, and that it wasn't something that I could kiss better. I have just wanted to hold and cuddle with her and she has wanted to be 'babied' which has really been good for both of us. She was getting to be quite the independant and demanding soul! So anyways... there's our drama... I hope you all had a happy Mother's Day!

She's still smiling!

Grandma LeFevre, my mom, me and Lainey... 4 generations!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures!

The tulips in my MIL's garden have been so beautiful, and Lainey just couldn't resist, and neither could I. Whenever she sees flowers, she'll sniff (repetedly) until I let her smell them and then she pushes them away. She's so cute!
Lainey the lion tamer...

Sweet Baby

My two loves... Lainey, and my big purse! Jk Joshy! I love you!
This was taken at my surprise bday bbq- Not a fan of my haircut, but oh well, hair grows...
Joshy brought me a dozen roses, and a card that plays 'I'm so Excited' because most of the time, he is ;). He also got me a way cute white trench coat and an external hard drive to accommodate my digital scrapbooking endeavors...
This is what I found on my mirror the morning of my bday- So cute, huh! (And yes, our bathroom is STILL under construction!!!) We have really enjoyed being outside in the nice weather. Lainey loves going on walks and seeing all the pretty blossoms. She can even do the hand actions for 'Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree'!

Check out those eyes!

This is her fake cry face... she does it quite often :) Lately, when she falls down, she takes the opportunity to enjoy it and just relax...

I've really enjoyed taking pictures of Lainey... I worked at Storybook Portraits my last 'single' semester in Cedar and learned a few things. I just wish I had a better camera, a tripod, some studio lights... an assistant... maybe someday. Photoshop makes up for what I don't have, I guess! When you photograph kids, you take like 100 pictures, and usually only 5-10 work out, but usually they are pretty cute. I found myself getting a little frustrated 20 minutes into our little picture taking session, but as I was downloading the pictures, these were my favorites! Lainey gets this really cheesy smile on her face whenever I pull out the camera and then she just ignores it. She did really well sitting on the chair, until she figured out how to get down :)

Here are some pictures I snapped while Josh had Lainey outside in our back yard (I can call it ours if we are living with the inlaws, right?)

her 'scrunchie' face

Lainey points at everything! Birds, planes, cars, you name it!