Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So it has been awhile! I can't believe how fast time goes by. We are all doing great, Josh is uber-busy at work, making sure all is well with his groups, both in-house and not. And me, I'm in complete survival mode while we wrap up the last few weeks of school- I'm SO excited for summer so I can feel like a mom again (well a mom of 1 as opposed to a mom of 24!) We are going to be closing on a house in our neighborhood on the 27th and we are very excited about having our own home, and I am excited for the renovations! We are planning on doing most everything on our own, so it should prove to be a busy, yet productive summer break.Lainey is growing like a weed and everyday has learned something new. She can even read (recite) some stories by herself! She goes to bed now like a big girl (much to our dismay... we miss 'rockabye'!) and can speak in sentences. Lainey spends every waking moment outside!