Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008

Drama Queen

Lainey turns 8 months this week... did I say 8 months? More like 18 years! She definitely is developing an attitude! She doesn't like to be told 'no' at all! I have been chasing her all over the place saying things that I never thought would come out of my mouth like: "Lainey, no! Don't eat the carpet... cat hair...momma's shoes" " Don't eat that... it's Sadie's food..." She cries now when I take something away, or take her away from something she shouldn't be playing with... (Not yet! She's still so little!) I have learned that Cheerios and bananas are only safe if there are a limited number on her tray... Spray n' Wash is a lifesaver, and naptime is becoming a very precious commodity. She is so stinkin cute, though! I find myself holding her a little longer after she falls asleep, reading her more stories, paying more attention to her new found sense of curiosity, and dancing like crazy to 'Row Row Row your Boat, Mary Had a Little Lamb', and any other song her toys play. Nothing is more amazing than having a child, that is for sure. She has been such a blessing in my life.
Sundance ended on the 27th and now Josh is cleaning up the aftermath. We didn't make it to the big premier... It started snowing right when I was to leave to drive up to Park City, Lainey spit up all over my clothes, and really, I was a wreck thinking that I would be 45 minutes away from her... I was really glad that it had snowed and I had a logical reason not to go. The person who took his tickets said it was a pretty good show. Maybe it will be bought and then we can go see it in the theater... who knows. I'm down another 2 pounds this week... Yay! Its about time for me to go dig through the boxes in the garage for some smaller pants! I just wish it wasn't so cold!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


So Lainey had her first official 'date', well play-date anyways, this week with her 'boyfriend' Jacob, our neighbor's son who is two months older than Lainey. She shared her toys very well, and was very fascinated with Jacob's long, dark hair (or maybe just the fact that he actually has hair)...

Sundance has proven to be very busy for Josh. He has logged and delivered over 500 packages to the various press and advertising agencies that are set up at the hotel, he even saw Colin Ferrel. His boss gave us two tickets for a movie starring Jimmy Falon and Lucy Liu next Thursday, so that should be fun (I wanted to see one that had Matthew Perry in it, but beggars can't be choosers ;)
Lainey is growing up so fast! She is getting more daring every day, which is a little scary. She is now trying to bend over to pick up a toy (while holding on to whatever she had pulled herself up to). Today she was finally able to do it without falling over face-first! She has also figured out how to land on her bum when she doesn't want to be standing anymore. It really is amazing how fast they change. Her personality is getting so cute! She always has her tongue sticking out, and she laughs whenever she burps, 'rumbles in her pants', coughs or sneezes (I think she must have got that from her mom...) We have a blast!
As far as my week, I did exercise every day, for the 2nd week in a row, and I lost 3 pounds this week. We'll see how well I do next week... I went to a Pampered Chef party Saturday... I had no idea that they served desserts! Yum! Bad for the diet though...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Numero Uno...

So after months of deliberation and a formal invitation from Kathy, we have finally decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon... besides, this counts as 'journaling', right? So here's a review of our 2007... Josh and I graduated from SUU, had a baby (Lainey Rae) June 1st, Josh got a job in Park City a week later, and by July 1, we were living in Taylorsville with his parents, where we are currently residing... Lainey has been a huge source of joy and laughs in our lives. When she was six weeks old, she was diagnosed with a dairy protein intolerance and since I was nursing her, that meant no 'yummys' for me (i.e. ice cream, chocolate, milk, and anything made with anything milk related). It really helped me lose all the baby weight (50 lbs) quicker than I thought, which is never a bad thing. I stopped nursing about 2 weeks ago when we found a formula that would work for Lainey, and sadly, I think I am now allergic to milk products, not life-threatening by any means, but I do get pretty sick when I eat it. Lainey has gained 1 1/2 pounds since she has switched to formula, and I have lost 5, so yeah... it was a good thing!

Josh is enjoying his job at the Park City Marriott. It is the official hotel for the Sundance Film Festival starting the 17th, so it has been pretty crazy. I guess it is where all the offices will be, so the sales department has been getting geared up for the big event which lasts almost a month. We have been spending our evenings tiling, painting, sheetrocking, and mudding in the basement to make it a little more livable. We are adding a shower in the 'toilet room' that was already there and we are putting new flooring down in the main room (carpet, tile, and wood flooring) so we are getting good practice for that 'Someday' when we get our own house.

Lainey now owns the house! She can get anywhere she wants too, almost. She crawls pretty good, and has recently figured out how to pull herself up to anything within reach and gets frustrated when she can't! She has new bumps and bruises from her new discoveries, mainly because she hasn't quite figured out the effects of gravity. Lainey is becoming a momma's girl more and more everyday, which is fine with me! I love when she wants me more than anyone else... Nothing like a baby to make you feel important! She has two bottom teeth, and really loves chewing on paper, apples, my jewlery... another favorite pastime is annoying Sadie, the dog, who gets a little freaked out by Lainey's new found mobility. Lainey's new favorite food (besides her new formula) is Cheerios. I have to be careful about how many I put on her tray, because she has realized that she can use BOTH hands to shove food in her mouth (hmmm... I wonder where she got that from?!) So, for the most part, we are healthy and happy, and just enjoying life!

Lainey's first time crawling...