Monday, January 28, 2008

Drama Queen

Lainey turns 8 months this week... did I say 8 months? More like 18 years! She definitely is developing an attitude! She doesn't like to be told 'no' at all! I have been chasing her all over the place saying things that I never thought would come out of my mouth like: "Lainey, no! Don't eat the carpet... cat hair...momma's shoes" " Don't eat that... it's Sadie's food..." She cries now when I take something away, or take her away from something she shouldn't be playing with... (Not yet! She's still so little!) I have learned that Cheerios and bananas are only safe if there are a limited number on her tray... Spray n' Wash is a lifesaver, and naptime is becoming a very precious commodity. She is so stinkin cute, though! I find myself holding her a little longer after she falls asleep, reading her more stories, paying more attention to her new found sense of curiosity, and dancing like crazy to 'Row Row Row your Boat, Mary Had a Little Lamb', and any other song her toys play. Nothing is more amazing than having a child, that is for sure. She has been such a blessing in my life.
Sundance ended on the 27th and now Josh is cleaning up the aftermath. We didn't make it to the big premier... It started snowing right when I was to leave to drive up to Park City, Lainey spit up all over my clothes, and really, I was a wreck thinking that I would be 45 minutes away from her... I was really glad that it had snowed and I had a logical reason not to go. The person who took his tickets said it was a pretty good show. Maybe it will be bought and then we can go see it in the theater... who knows. I'm down another 2 pounds this week... Yay! Its about time for me to go dig through the boxes in the garage for some smaller pants! I just wish it wasn't so cold!

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Nathan and Esther said...

She is so cute! I can't believe she is 8 months! Isn't motherhood the best?