Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Giving Thanks

Being the time of year that it is, I can't help thinking of all of our blessings, reminiscing, and getting a little too excited for Christmas. It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week, but I am all too ready for a good long break from school. Teaching has really helped me see just how blessed I was to be born into the family I was, to be raised the way I was, and yes... even grow up in Tropic. The church has played such a huge part in my life and I don't know where I would be without it. The blessing of a Temple Marriage is one that I hope I never take for granted. Today in class, a couple of boys started singing primary songs during 'workshop' and I didn't stop them, even though I should have. It was so sweet to hear those tender messages in the middle of my crazy day, I just let them sing on since no one else complained.
I am convinced of the power of prayer. I know that the Lord gives us what we need. I overheard a talk the other day about praying for what we need. The Lord doesn't give us scorpions when we ask for eggs, he doesn't give us a stone when we ask for bread, so why do we complain when our 'eggs' aren't cooked the way we like? The Lord gives us what we need, not necessarily what we want. We should be praying in a way that aligns our will with his. Only then will we be truly at peace and on the right path. Anyways... I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving, fun with family, and that we all can realize and give thanks for our blessings.


Ethan and Hillary said...

I loved this message! My students have started singing primary songs too. Actually almost every class I've been in has done it. It's kinda sweet and tender huh? Well I'm glad things are going well for you guys!

Brent and Emily said...

Beautiful. And just what I needed to hear. Thanks, Leslie.

Kathy Twitchell said...

I loved that....oh i really loved your halloween costumes! YOu make such a beautiful cinderella! You're a natrual.