Saturday, June 28, 2008

Taylorsville Dayzz and other pics...

So today was a fun break from the norm. Its Taylorsville Dayzz this weekend and they have a parade, carnival, entertainment, the whole shabang! Lainey was quite interested in the parade. She would wave at almost every float that went by.

Lainey's cousins Abby, Ben, and Colin were there too. She loves being around them!

She had her first taste of poptarts, and I think they were a hit! She ate a whole one by herself!

At the fair/carnival they had a petting zoo. Lainey loved seeing all the little goats and pigs. They had a llama and a donkey too. She did freak out a little when a mama goat got to close. She clicked her tongue at the llama because she thought it was a horse, and she would bark at the goats. I guess its the size thing.This was from the other day... Isn't she adorable? She likes to brush her teeth with me and watch me put on my makeup. When I put on my lipstick, I say Mmmmwwahh, and Lainey says it too. The other day she kept pointing to her books and saying 'mmmmwwahh, mmmmwwahh' and I couldn't figure out what she wanted. Finally I realized that it was a book that has a picture of lipstick in it. She is so smart!

She found this little towell in the laundry and I put it on her head. She thought it was pretty fun! I love her poses, too.

Josh is such a wonderful dad! He loves to take care of Lainey when I need a break. This was from the other night when he put her to bed. They really are the loves of my life.
It has been so fun to play outside this last week. Lainey has enjoyed playing in the pool and I've enjoyed getting a little bit of a tan! Josh got to come home early on Tuesday because of a power outage in Park City, so he got to play with us too. It was so good to share our normal day with him! He works so hard and hates that he misses so much of her day. He is always willing to take her when he gets home. We love going on walks, swinging, playing outside with the puppies, anything to get out of the house if its not too hot.

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The Twitchells said...

Oh i absolutly LOVED all of those cute pictures!!! I love laineys sunglasses:) What a cute little family you guys are!!!