Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

We spent Father's Day with my two favorite Dads... My dad and Lainey's dad! We went to Tropic for the weekend and had a great time hiking Bryce and just being out of the city.
My mom drives for the Shuttle at Bryce during the summer, so she worked her magic and got us into the park for free!

Lainey's new horse from Grandma April and Grandpa Layne... she clicks her tongue every time she sees it. She can even dismount it the right way! What can I say... Its in her blood!

Here's another 4 generation picture... My mom's mother, Hazel Evans (87), mom, me and Lainey. My mom looks awesome, don't you think? She's lost like 26 pounds on weight watchers in the last two months! Way to go mom! They just got back from a Hawaiian cruise that they went on for their 25th anniversary. They brought back some fun clothes, jewelry, and a tie for Josh, and some awesome pictures!


Nathan and Esther said...

How fun! I totally love that retro pic of you's great! I'm jealous you got to go down to Tropic. It looks like you had a lot of fun. tell your mom congrats on the weight loss!

Casey and Brynn said...

Oh my goodness, Lainey looks just like you when you were little! So sweet.

The Twitchells said...

I love the picture of you when you were little! How stinkin cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Leslie, you have the cutest little family! It was so fun to go hiking in Bryce with you and Josh and your noisy little Lainey :) It will be so fun to have you come down again! We can go swimming, and hiking, and camping, and it will be so fun to take Lainey off your hands for a little while, jk but I do love you so much and look how popular you are... 3 comments! haha
Love you lots! libby mmmwa mmmwa