Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer Vacation Part II: Las Vegas Baby!

I know that this isn't the image that one correlates with Las Vegas, but the visit to the Las Vegas LDS temple was the most edifying part of the trip. We visited the temple before our appointment and timeshare presentation which is the reason we went to Vegas in the first place.

This is the view from the 27th floor of the Sahara, where we were put for two nights for attending the presentation. We upgraded to a suite for an extra $50, and it wasn't bad even if I am used to Marriott...I really wanted to be able to use my Marriott perks in Vegas, but free is better than discounted any day of the week!
We enjoyed walking around and seeing the sights, even if it was 107 degrees during the day and 103 degrees at night. We bought a couple of passes for the monorail, and that saved our feet from ast least falling off! I was able to speak to a couple of Italians on the train as well. That made it all worth it.I had to have Leslie take a picture of this. I was hoping for a bigger crowd to show off for, like Tom Hanks had in Big, but I wasn't disappointed as I had the talent but not the extra takes!

This was pretty cool. Leslie caught it in video.

We spent quite a bit of time at Ceasar's Palace, but at least it wasn't hotThese are a few random pics to finish up the post. It was hot and we were ready to go! On to Southern Utah

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Jen & Matt Rigby said...

Fun fun!!! I'm not jealous of the heat, but it looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Les, you're looking really great!! Way to go!