Friday, March 7, 2008

Diaper Bag Tag

My bag isn't really a diaper bag either, I got it at Maurices because it was cute and big, but I have realized that a big bag = tons of stuff! It was stuffed to capacity because we were going to take Lainey out to dinner with us, but then decided to leave her with her grandparents instead.

The Usual Essentials
  • Wallet, WIC papers, pen
  • Gum, tissues (used and new...sorry, that's gross, but we've been snotty!)
  • Hand lotion, hand sanitizer, and for some reason, two colors of lip gloss (I was wondering where they were!)

Lainey's Essentials

  • Baby food, bib, spoon
  • Snacks (fruit snacks, 'stars', the Fiber1 bar is for mom because I get grouchy when I'm hungry too!)
  • Sunglasses (which she never keeps on)
  • Mittens, just in case :)
  • Pink monkey, keys, and giraffe
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Tylenol and orajel (she just cut another tooth... top left!)

Random Things

  • Lint roller, because I can never find one when I need one!
  • Riverdance Ticket- I went with my family for my sister Libby's b-day
  • Tongue Depressor- for those unexpected throat exams... (Lainey just had her 9month check up and Dr. Ralston gives them to her to distract her while he's checking her ears, nose, whatever)
  • Ladybug book that I was supposed to leave in Tropic with Grandma April... Sorry Mom! I guess I forgot to take it out after church!
There you have it... a glimpse into the life of a mom of a 9 month old... I really needed to clean out my diaper bag... it was pretty messy! So thanks, Jen!


The Twitchells said...

Love the bag! When i read your and Jen's diaper bag contents it made me realize that I carry around way too much. A little overly prepared. I have a diapers bag and it is pretty cute but maybe i should convert to a cute big purse!

Jen & Matt Rigby said...

That's funny, cuz I found some lip stuff that I thought I had lost too. Your bag is cute!

Nathan and Esther said...

I will echo the sentiments of Kathy and Jen...cute bag! You can never have enough stuff or be too overly prepared!

Dusty, Sylvia & Quade said...

Hey I found your blog through Esther's. Your little girl is so darn cute, I cant believe she is that old already. Man they grow up fast dont they.